Integrated Care Coordinator


Integrated Care Coordination is provided by Dr. Amy Schonfeld (please see Dr. Schonfeld’s bio under “about us”). This involves consultant-based services to guide the family in decision-making regarding support services for their child, teen or young adult. Following a prior assessment (from GSN or elsewhere), some families would like extra guidance over time on following the suggested recommendations for their child, teen or young adult and/or updating them as time passes. Dr. Schonfeld will review the assessment(s) that was/were provided to the family following previous evaluation(s). She will then aid families in prioritizing and timing evidence-based recommendations by integrating information from the neuropsychological evaluation with current considerations. This includes communication with the child’s treatment team, including the school, providing new referrals when indicated, making recommendations for future assessments (e.g., optimal timing), and helping to answer questions and navigate concerns regarding high-stakes testing and the college board requirements for accommodations. Should further testing be indicated, families are referred to a provider so that Dr. Schonfeld maintains an unbiased relationship with the family as their child’s care coordinator. The ICC consultations do not involve managing insurance claims, providing brief or screening assessments of the child, writing reports, submitting paperwork to the college board, or acting as an educational advocate or school placement consultant.


What should I do if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact Scott Mellor, the administrative dirctor, at (805) 379-4939 or (818) 518-1057.